Terms and Conditions



By accessing and using the Boutique Hire Au Instagram/Website page, you are accepting and consenting to the practices in these terms of use. Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to change these terms and conditions (T&C’s) from time to time at its sole discretion.

These T&C’s form part of the Hire Agreement between Boutique Hire Au and their clients.

Prices of products, services and delivery are current at the time of issue. These prices may change at any time and are subject to availability.  


During any period of hire ownership of all products remains with Boutique Hire Au.

Customers are solely responsible for the safety of any garment during the hire period and must not assign the hire to any third person. The hirer remains fully liable for any fees and charges incurred in accordance with these T&C’s.

Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason including, without limitation, the clients hiring history, the unavailability of any product, an error in the price, or an error in your order.

Boutique Hire Au does not reserve any item/s unless the hire fee has been paid in advance. Boutique Hire Au uses both promotional and stock images of its Hire dresses. You will receive a genuine designer garment for hire, however it may not be the dress shown online and there may be minor colour or print variations on the pieces received.

Payment Terms

The “hire fee” will be the hire fee stipulated in your hire agreement. By entering into a hire agreement to hire a garment, you authorise Boutique Hire Au to charge your nominated payment method your hire fee.

Boutique Hire Au may require a debit or credit card and/or proof of identification prior to securing a booking. Any data will be scanned and kept in Boutique Hire Au records securely.

Cleared payment of the full hire fee must be received by Boutique Hire Au prior to collection or postage of the item/s hired.

In the event additional fees and charges become payable by you in accordance with these T&C’s, you authorise Boutique Hire Au to debit your nominated credit card/debt card, to fully discharge your liability to Boutique Hire Au.

In the event of a default or failed payment, Boutique Hire Au is authorised to continue to attempt to recover any monies owed via your nominated payment method. Should your nominated payment method become unviable, Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to commence legal enforcement proceedings to recover any outstanding amount.

Additional fees / Charges

Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to charge the consumer the recommended retail price (RRP) to replace a damaged or stolen garment. In such an event the customer has 14 days from the date of notice of demand to pay the full RRP directly to Boutique Hire Au. If unpaid, Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to enforce payment of debt and may institute legal proceedings to assist recovery.

In the event a garment can be repaired or replaced for an amount less than the RRP, Boutique Hire Au may charge the client the lesser amount. If the garment is booked for a back-to-back hire and a subsequent booking cannot be fulfilled due to the delay caused by the repair of the garment, the customer will liable to pay the additional hire fee in addition to the repair costs. 

Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to charge the client additional hiring fees/ late fees for any garment/s not returned within the specified hire period. A client who loses or steals an item will be charged the garment's RRP to ensure the item can be replaced.

Garments not returned within the stipulated hire agreement period will be charged a late fee at a rate of $10 per day, or part thereof. Garments not returned within 14 business days of the end of the Hire agreement may be charged the full RRP for the item.

Refunds / Cancellations Change of mind cancellations or variations to your hire agreement must be finalised 48 hours prior to collection / postage. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the start of the hire agreement will be charged a cancellation fee. Boutique Hire Au has a strict “no refunds” policy for change of mind once garments are collected.This includes incorrect sizing. If you are concerned about the length or measurements of your dress, simply contact our friendly Customer Service Team for assistance, prior to hire. Whilst refunds may be considered under exceptional circumstances a cancellation fee may be incurred in any event. The current cancellation fee is 20% of your hire fee. All fees, cancellations, discounts and refunds are final and are at the sole discretion of Boutique Hire Au.

Cleaning & Garment Care

Boutique Hire Au takes great care in the cleaning and maintenance of our products. All items will be dry-cleaned (where possible) or hand washed prior to hire.

Professional cleaning is included in your hire fee and you agree that no attempts will be made by you to clean, alter, iron/press garment/s (unless otherwise arranged). Please do not alter our hire garment/s in any way during your period of hire. Altering includes: safety pining, stitching or applying hollywood or other tape to the garment.

Do not apply fake tan while wearing a hire garment. Boutique Hire requires that a garment not be tried on or worn within 24 hours of the application of fake tan. Fake tan stains are easily detectable and may result in multiple dry cleaning fees or the RRP being charged, should the stains not be removable.

Boutique Hire Au requires clients to be extremely mindful when using fake tanning products, perfume, makeup, drinks, stamps etc. In the event that a stain or damage prevents a garment from being rehired, Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to charge the client a dry cleaning fee and/or RRP.

Other customers may have worn our products prior to your rental. Boutique Hire Au shall not be held liable for any health-related complaints arising from your hire.

Garment Damage

Should damage occur, contact Boutique Hire as soon as possible. Take photos of the damage, include a brief description and advise whether you have purchased insurance cover for your hire.

The garment must still be returned in accordance with your hire terms. Once the garment has been returned Boutique Hire Au will assess the damage, apply insurance if applicable and should the garment be beyond repair, calculate any further charges as per our terms and conditions.

All decisions as to whether a garment is capable of repair and re-hire will be undertaken in consultation with a seamstress / dry-cleaner as necessary and the decision of Boutique Hire is final and binding on the client.

Quality Disputes

Boutique Hire Au treat every hire garment with the absolute care and respect to ensure items are provided in great condition. Each garment goes through a quality control checklist and is examined by Boutique Hire Au staff prior to dispatch.

If the client disputes the quality of any product hired or service supplied by Boutique Hire Au, the client must notify Boutique Hire Au of the dispute in writing immediately after delivery or collection. Any right to dispute the quality of the product or service is lost if notice of the dispute is not made as soon as practicable or after wear.

In the event a dispute is upheld, any postage fees are non-refundable. 

Underage Hire

Our products may be hired for use by customers who are under the age of 18. However, Boutique Hire Au does not enter into contractual arrangements with any person under the age of 18 years. The hire agreement and all legal responsibility and liability (including any additional fees for loss or damage as per these T&C’s) remains with the adult undertaking to hire the products on behalf of the minor.


Boutique Hire Au offers a pick-up service in the Darwin area. Collection times are by arrangement and subject to the availability of a member of Boutique Hire Au to meet the client at the nominated location.

Failure to attend the nominated collection time and place may result in the cancellation of your hire agreement and a cancellation fee being incurred.

Hire Agreement periods

Boutique Hire Au offers 4-day or 8-day hire periods.

The Hire period commences from the date and time of collection and includes weekends and public holidays. For example: for a 4 day hire where the garment is collected at 2.00pm Thursday, the item must be returned by 2.00 pm Monday; for an 8 day hire where the garment is collected at 2.00pm Thursday, the item must be returned by 2.00 pm the following Friday.

Should a garment be due for return on a weekend or public holiday then it must be returned on the due day, unless alternate arrangements are made with Boutique Hire Au.


It is the client's responsibility to ensure the parcel can be delivered to the nominated address.  Postal Items are sent from Darwin, Northern Territory. The client is responsible for making any necessary enquiries as to delivery times to ensure the item will be received within the clients required timeframes. The client is not entitled to any compensation from Boutique Hire Au for any loss, damage or delay caused by delivery processes outside the control of Boutique Hire Au.

It is the client's responsibility to place the garment/s in the return express satchel provided and hand deliver to the Australian Post office within the hire return period. Should a weekend hire garment/s be sent any later than close of business Monday a late fee/s of $10 per day will be charged. In the event, Boutique Hire Au is unable to fulfil a subsequent booking due to the clients delay in posting, Boutique Hire Au reserves the right to charge additional hiring fees.