Optional Insurance


Terms and conditions

Boutique Hire Au are pleased to offer optional Insurance to protect you from financial loss in the event of an accidental damage. Insurance costs just $10.00, paid in addition to your hire fees.  

If a garment is returned damaged, seamstress & dry-cleaning fees can cost anywhere between $15 - $100. These costs can be passed onto the client in full, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Our Insurance option covers you for common and accidental damage that may occur during your hire period. Damage covered includes:

  • Broken Zips
  • Minor Material Splits
  • Small Holes
  • Broken Straps
  • Loose/ Lost Buttons, Jewels
  • Removable Stains

To select insurance coverage against minor and accidental damage simply select ' yes ' to the Insurance option on the product's personal listing.

Please note carefully:

Insurance does not cover damages that ruin a garment, leaving it unable to be re-hired. If a garment is beyond repair, the full recommended retail price will be charged in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Insurance is only available at the time of booking a garment and cannot be added after collection / dispatch of the garment.

If Insurance is not purchased and garment is returned damaged; you can be held liable for all repair costs incurred by Boutique Hire Au including:

  • Mending Fees
  • Dry Cleaning Stains
  • Missed Hire Bookings due to damage / repair delays

At Boutique Hire Au we know that accidents happen and we want you to be relaxed and enjoy your event without unnecessary worry about minor or unexpected damage to your garment.

Should damage occur, contact Boutique Hire as soon as possible. Take photos of the damage, include a brief description and advise whether you have purchased insurance cover for your hire. 

The garment must still be returned in accordance with your hire terms. Once the garment has been returned Boutique Hire Au will assess the damage, apply insurance if applicable and should the garment be beyond repair, calculate any further charges as per our terms and conditions.

All decisions as to whether a garment is capable of repair and re-hire will be undertaken in consultation with a seamstress / dry-cleaner as necessary and the decision of Boutique Hire is final and binding on the client.